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  1. Glad to see the “club” is still in existence and operation today. My father, James Entwistle , was a 50 year member (1920-1970 about). I was a pin-boy for about 5 years and the hat check kid for Saturday night dances.

    The club had a large collection of trophies from boxing, bowling .bicycling and gymnastics against other county and state groups.

    The bar was one of the centers for the New Milford social elite matched only by Macks tavern on grand st, Tony’s on main and River rd fire house # 1 and the New Bridge Inn. Pinnacle standing was achieved by being a member of all of them.
    All of the above had their own bowling teams and alleys and competed against each other.

    One of the conversational highlights at the club was the building of the Bowling Alley in Brookchester. Allowing women and children in a bowling alley and over 2 alleys was unthinkable. Automatic pin setters put many of Ne Milfords teenagers out of money.

    I have many fond memories of the club and wish you another 119 years of success !

    Richard Entwistle


    1. Thank you Richard for your email and sharing some of your memories of the club! Those were some good years for the club. I was looking back at the old books the members kept from those days and I could swear I saw your fathers application. There were a lot of scoffers that were members back then among many other professions. I will take another look if your interested to confirm that. Unfortunately the bowling ally’s are going to be removed this year after many years of inactivity. We still play a lot of shuffleboard and had the board total redone. Well OK Richard it was nice hearing from you. My name is Frank and I’m the bar chairman at the club. Email me back about your fathers application if your interested and i will check.


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