Looking Ahead to 2019

Hello fellow NMAC members,

Hard to believe it’s 2019 and it’s NMAC 115 year anniversary! Reflecting back on 2018 we can say it was a tremendous year for us. Reason is it started with a plan to replace our very old and tired HVAC units with a new cost efficient one. We asked our members to donate money in our dues letter to help us and we also ran a few fundraisers during the spring and early summer to help fund this major project which would run over $30,000.00. So by mid summer we turned it on for the first time and we are happy to say it was a beautiful thing! These new units will not only heat and cool our landmark building for the next twenty plus years it will also save us much money in energy bills too! A WIN WIN!! Thank you everyone that had a hand in this project, whether is was donating time, labor or money we pulled together and got it done!

Now looking forward to 2019 the NMAC would like to continue this trend of modernization. There are many good suggestions from members on what to do next which is creating a buzz in itself but it’s really pretty obvious what we really should  work on next (any quess’s)? It’s the heart and the focal point of most every event at the club…. THE BAR !! Did you guess right? So as dues letters go out for 2019 membership we are again asking members to help NMAC improve and modernize by adding a donation to  help support this next project. Please help with a simple donation or if  you can’t donate money you can help in other ways too… You can book a party for a special occasion which will help support us. You can come down and donate some of your time during construction. Whatever your able to do is better than not doing anything right?

The NMAC was built by members for the members to enjoy for the last 114 years! Now the times have changed but the fact is members got it done by doing it themselves. To share in that feeling of doing it together it creates a community of friendship and accomplishment and that feeling will never get old. So again if your unable to bring yourself down to help with this next endeavor you can still help in other ways DONATE please! 

Plains will be submitted and costs considered for this next project. So as 2019 starts we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward too as well!


Happy New Year!


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