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Since 1904 the NMAC members built from the ground up the building you see today at 126 Boulevard in New Milford. Many changes have taken place in those 114 years. The one thing that hasn’t changed in all those years has been the many members that have given back to the club. In the beginning of NMAC the member community support was the heart and sole of this landmark. It was built by the members for the members and the community to enjoy. Masons, electricians, carpenters, and other tradesmen donated their skills their time and also their money to help build this establishment and still in  the year 2019 that support is still needed. The times have changed but the support needed has not!

Membership in years past was in the hundreds because there weren’t many other places to enjoy social gatherings and events like there are today. Our membership has been around 70 for a few years now and while we have had new members joining NMAC we have lost members for various reasons too. You don’t have to be a member to help support the NMAC you can book a special occasion or event with us which will generate dollars that help sustain our existence. If you have ever been to the NMAC you probably had a great time with family and friends celebrating someone’s birthday, anniversary, christening you name we probably had it! Not all the gatherings at NMAC are celebrations. We also donate our club to members for repasses and memorials too.

With all that said we need support from various sources. Please consider joining the NMAC and being a part something special. You need a current member to sponsor   you  and recommend you for an application to join. So if you know a member reach out and inquire with them. Other ways you can donate is with a simple money donation that will go towards our current project to modernize the club. We will be starting a donation fund me page very soon that will acknowledge those very generous gifts that help to support this unique 115 year old establishment. Any donations can be made out to the

New Milford Athletic Club

126 Boulevard

New Milford, NJ  07646

write on the check (project support 2019)

Thank you from all of us at the NMAC!

Have a Healthy and Happy 2019 and we hope to see you at our next fundraiser event or gathering!